Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boise- Plenty of Bears, But No Suitcase

After an unfortunately cancelled flight last Thursday, we flew to Idaho extremely early Friday morning for a concert that same night at Boise State University's beautiful Morrison Recital Hall.

We were impressed with Boise's airport

(with its prominently displayed bears)

until we realized that Donna's suitcase had not made it to Boise, and the baggage department was completely unhelpful. Suffice it to say gate check limbo is a scary place, and Continental and United have a long way to go smoothing out their merger. Luckily Donna had the foresight to remove her music before letting go of the suitcase, but her concert dress was still inside... in Chicago? Newark??

We made a quick stop at Hotel 43 (named for its location on the 43rd parallel in Idaho, the 43rd state), which provides teddy bears in every room :-) :-) :-) (Teddy bears make everything better.)

Then we headed to Boise State to perform for the University Orchestra. After we played for the students, it was announced that Donna's suitcase was missing; if anybody had dresses they thought might fit her, they should bring them to the hall immediately.

And those Boise State kids delivered!!

Here is Donna in her lovely loaner (and fabulous flip flops)... thanks Riley!!


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you get to keep the Teddy Bear when you leave or do you have to part with it like a toy at a doctor's office once it's your turn for treatment. Dr Freudstein published a report in the Psychoanalytic Journal on such a "bear-anxiety complex," as what stuffed bears experience when being rejected once a guest neglects to bring the Teddy Bear home. :-<


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