Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Return Trip

Back in March of 2002, we played one of our early performances of the Beethoven "Triple" Concerto at the Barclay Theatre at UC Irvine. It was a great experience for us -- great hall, great orchestra, great conductor! This was us then:

Almost a month ago, we went back to play at the Barclay Theatre, but without the orchestra! It was fun trying to see how much we remembered of the space. Here we are, post-concert at the CD signing table:

I am somehow still wearing a similar colour! My good friend, Kelly Kuo, happened to be in town so he came out to support us.

Kelly is a conductor now, but is multi-talented and plays the piano as well. He apparently plays the clarinet but I haven't heard him!

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Wisconsin family!

When the trio played in Milwaukee, WI a couple of months ago, we had so many friendly faces in the audience! Aaron is from Wisconsin and about 20 of his friends and family came to hear our concert. The trio consensus is: people from Wisconsin are super friendly!

And now that his family is going to become part of my family ;-) ;-) ;-) I wanted to make sure to post a couple of these pictures! Here I am with Aaron's parents, Ann and Duane:

and with his brother, Jacob:

Though I didn't get pictures of everyone then, here's a picture with Aaron and some more of his relatives at a recital he gave in Milwaukee last spring:

Aunt Jeanine, Grandma
Aunt Chris, Andrew (cousin)
Amy (cousin), Jacob (brother)
Uncle Mark, AARON, Rachel (sister)

I'm so excited to be joining such a wonderful family!