Monday, August 28, 2006

A Wonderful New Site!

Finally, a very useful website! My friend, Joshua Gindele, cellist of the brilliant Miro String Quartet, has started a useful networking site for the world of classical music. It's totally free! (For all those users out there, you'll know exactly how this works.) I am very excited to be one of the first few participants! I urge you all to check it out -- it doesn't matter if you don't play an instrument! It is open to everybody and anybody who is remotely interested in classical music.

Classical Lounge

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Traveling Under Tighter Security

This recent New York Times article appeared regarding musicians and new travel regulations:


*Sigh* Thankfully, we don't have any concerts planned in the UK just yet but I'm sure it will be much fun getting past security with music stands and instruments!

I am a moisturizer fanatic. Must keep those fingers moisturized. I guess I will have to live with dry skin for a few hours while my trusty moisturizers sit in my checked baggage! :)

Good luck to everyone traveling...

Update (August 16, 2006): I have heard reports from friends in Europe that certain airports and airlines, like Heathrow, refuse to allow musical instruments on board, while others will allow them. There is also a Spain-based airline that will allow violins on board, as long as they are taken out of their cases and placed in clear plastic bags!! Imagine that...for once, I am glad I cannot carry my instrument with me!

Check out this recent article and related comments from the UK.