Sunday, September 30, 2007


For those of you curious to read an account of our latest performance in Gettysburg, PA, check out John Clare's (of WITF) blog here. He also managed to snap a few photographs (yes, without flash!) at our performance.

We will also be visiting John in his studio at WITF for an interview and in-studio performance. Stay tuned for more details. After the in-studio performance and interview, we will head back to Gettysburg College to give some masterclasses! Looking forward...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Bird's-Eye View

We kicked off our new season with a unique fundraising concert in a beautifully restored schoolhouse in Edgartown, MA, owned by Tony and Diane Bongiorno. Every detail in this amazing house was placed with care, thought and love. I was especially a fan of the antique furniture throughout the home. What a treat! Not only that, but I had the wonderful opportunity to play on a restored 1903 Steinway. Check out the view from one of the seats on the upper floors:

Now when do you ever get a view like that?

The concert kicked off a fundraising campaign for the new Edgartown Library. During our dress rehearsal, Emily, Julie and I traded stories and fond memories of our childhood trips to our local libraries. I remember how excited my sisters and I were for our weekly visit, so I was happy to help with this wonderful and important cause. Besides, who could pass up another visit to Martha's Vineyard????